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“Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.” – Sarah Louise Delany When was the last time you had your day off? Or a break after doing a chapter on your thesis? Or the time you spent a whole day enjoying with your family? Despite of the toxic days and […]

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Service or Selfish?


Much has been said about the importance of helping out. But there’s an underlying question we have to ask ourselves:

To whom are we doing it for?

With a lot of individuals, causes, and organizations bringing about lots of work doing for other people, one cannot help but ask, what is the motivation behind it?

Genuine Service

If it’s going to be for genuine service and authentic giving, then at all cost let everybody support it. Who does not want to support an institution or individual devoting its time to service?

However, there is one problematic thing hiding beneath the glory of service that we should all be careful about:


If you have seen an institution or an individual serving other people for Image, Public Relations, or Reputation then it’s not an act of service, it’s simply a deceptive act of selfishness.

The main difference between serving and being selfish is this: Serving is focused on the recipient. Selfishness is focused on the giver.

It all boils down to motive. It all boils down to the main reason for the action.

Have you asked yourself,

  • Why am I doing this?
  • To whom am I doing this for?
  • Is it to help specific groups of people?
  • Or is it to brand myself as a good person?

After you ask yourself, know that there is one word that can give an absolute answer to the motive. If the answer isn’t similar to this then it might fall towards selfishness. What’s the word?


So can we ask ourselves this: Am I doing what I’m doing in love?

Can Dreams Be Real?

Can dreams be real?

That’s a question some, if not many, of us are all asking. Is a dream everything that will go from our sleeping self and nothing more? Is a dream nothing more than a fantasy?

Is it melodramatic just like what Richard Sanderson stated in his song, “Reality”? Or can it be hopeful?

What are the perspectives that we could be looking at when we tackle dreams? What can we learn from it?

Here’s my speech about dreams and through my life experience, I’ve shared a lesson or two about how dreams would relate in our “real” life.

Speech Disclaimer: Content is based on actual experience of the speaker. Nothing in this video is intended to offend or the likes.

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